7 maggio: segnate in agenda. Al King Club debutta Eurocrash, a segnare un nuovo capitolo nella nightlife milanese. Più che un party, una “piattaforma di promozione e produzione artistica e musicale”, laboratorio di connessione tra creativi non solo musicali. Emerge from Nothing, questo il claim che accompagna la nuova idea, dietro cui c’è lo zampino del nostro amico Stefano Protopapa, che si ripromette di creare “un viaggio multiforme attraverso le notti d’Europa”. Infatti, nel progetto non è solo, ma si è avvalso della collaborazione di Whitney Weiss. Cioè, l’anima del londinese Les Poppeurs, definito the naughtiest party in town. Un tipo niente male, insomma e che val la pena farsi amica. Io ci ho fatto quattro chiacchiere, per conoscerla meglio (nelle foto, qualche dettaglio delle sue serate). E ci abbiamo ricavato anche dritte utili su look, posti where to be, secret spot a Londra e non solo.
Questa volta ho preferito non tradurre e lasciare in lingua originale, Whitney è davvero un personaggio e tante sue espressioni andavano troppo lost in traslation ;) eccola qua:
1. Let YOU introduce YOU: who you are, where do you come from, where are you going.
I’m a happily sleep-deprived DJ and producer who occasionally organizes parties.
I’m based between Berlin and Paris, I lived in Buenos Aires for a bunch of years, and my passport says I’m American.
I have no idea where I’m going, but I hope it’s somewhere fabulous.
2. How did you decide to set up Les Poppeurs? When and how this idea was born?
Two summers ago I was on a gay beach in southern Italy with Protopapa, the founder of Eurocrash, and a bunch of his friends. The person I was seeing at the time was French, so I’d brought along a book of French verbs to study diligently. My friend Rachael, who worked at Dalston Superstore at the time, texted me to ask what I was up to. At that very moment, some of Protopapa’s friends were doing poppers. I texted back “Les Poppeurs.” She texted back “we need to throw a party with that name.” So we do!
3. Les Poppeurs is defined “the naughtiest party in London”. Do you agree? How do you keep this standard?
I don’t know if that’s true, there may be naughtier. We are definitely pretty naughty. Either way, I take that as a compliment, because it means people are comfortable to express themselves in ways they cannot at other parties or in mainstream clubs. We throw Les Poppeurs at Dalston Superstore and Bica who does the door has a fabulous bullshit detector and can tell who is not a good fit for the venue or the party. Also it’s a queer party called Les Poppeurs, so it tends to attract those who specialize in decadence.
4. Where did you meet the project Eurocrash and in which way you decided to cooperate?
Protopapa and I met via Soundcloud (back when it was still a good platform for artists) when I lived in Buenos Aires. He searched for a song and one of my edits was in his search results. He wrote me a message, I wrote back, he said if I was ever in Milan to contact him, and when I came to Europe a few years ago I did! He is a very smart and talented man with an excellent project and I was delighted to team up for this party.
5. Your favourite music. 
I like a lot of different music! I have a radio show called Musica Spaziale once a week on Pigalle Paris Radio that gives me the freedom to compile what I’m currently listening to at any given moment, so it’ll be anything from 1970s synth records made to help houseplants grow to mopey French singers to soul music to whatever more dancefloor-oriented stuff I’ve heard that week. To DJ, I love handbaggy house, Italo, NRG, and disco.
6. One name in nowadays electronic scene, in your opinion the best one. Best deejay ever.
I love what Hannah Holland is producing and she is an amazing DJ. Same for Kiddy Smile, his song “Let A Bitch Know” has found a permanent home in my sets lately. Jonjo Jury is a great DJ and a lovely person, I am always glad when we’re DJing together. And Teki Latex is incredible.
8. Let’s have a look at your look. How do you create your outfits? Where do you usually get your pieces for a fab wardrobe?
I mostly wear black, sometimes friends graciously loan me items from their collections if it’s a fashion week party, and I’ve had the same leather jacket since I was a teenager. That’s basically it!
9. Three unmissable places where to go shopping, in London.
I’m assuming you mean for clothes? Just wander around Brick Lane and Shoreditch or Camden and see what you find. If we’re talking all types of shopping, Flashback Records, Kristina Records, and Brick Lane Books are my favorite places to spend money.
10. Three unmissable places in London.
Dalston Superstore just celebrated its seventh birthday and is part cafe part nightclub part meeting point for everyone in London who is making cool stuff; I spend most of my time in London there. Savage is a new party at a strip club in Bethnal Green only instead of strippers, there are drag queens. It is spectacular, go for sure. Eventually you will need food and when you do, the original Voodoo Ray’s is probably where you should go. It’s above the wonderful club Dance Tunnel.
11. What is your feeling about Milan? What do you do when you come to the city?
I really enjoy Milan! There’s always an interesting after-hours situations happening. Usually I stop by LeccoMilano for a drink and to say hey to some friends, then I hang out with Protopapa, then I go DJ somewhere, then I see where the evening takes me.
12. Three dates to save for the next summer. Parties, discos, places…whatever!
May 15 there’s a very special Sunday edition of Les Poppeurs in Paris at Les Bains, which was basically the Studio 54 of Paris. It’s a decadent club that has a pool inside of it where Grace Jones and Kate Moss and Mick Jagger and David Bowie used to all go out when they were in town. Some great DJs from London are coming over and it will end with people naked in a pool. You should be there.
June 4 is Les Poppeurs at Dalston Superstore in London with my favorite DJ from Paris, Teki Latex, plus Snax from Berlin and Nark from Seattle! It is going to be a fabulous start to summer and it will go late, so if you’re in London, come dance with us.
And the last weekend of June there will be a gigantic extra-special edition of Club Sandwich, where I’m a resident, in Paris. I am pretty sure I’m not supposed to go into specifics yet but suffice to say it will be the kind of party people talk about for years.
Per finire, vi segnalo gli ospiti della serata di debutto: l’argentina Ana Helder, rappresentante della label Comeme di Matìas Aguayo e il francese Relatif Yann, a capo della label/nightclub La Dame Noir. Have fun!

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